Thursday, December 10, 2009

If I could fly, I'd be a

Eagle, becuase they are beautiful, majestic and powerful

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A series on life

Life’s Questions

I follow a Blog Keresberos, and came across a blog on self-evaluation. The questions she brought up were of a complexity that each one is worth a blog. There for I am going to do a series on Life’s questions. Each blog in this series will address each question one by one. Here are the questions for you to ponder over and so you have an idea of what I am talking about in each one.

1. World Philosophy: How do you view the world and/or life? (good, bad, learning experience, etc.) What do you consider the major problems of the world/community around you are? What solutions do you have that you feel would improve your world-view? How does governance, on both personal and societal levels, fit in with this view? What do you feel your role is or that of humanity in the world?

2. Deity: What is your view on deity/divinity? Does it exist? Is it singular or divided? What is its role in the world? for you personally?

3. Gods/Goddesses: What is your relationship to the gods? How do they fit in your daily life? Which gods/goddesses do you feel closest to? furthest from? What are your thoughts on mixing pantheons? cultural/historical accuracy?

4. Your Path: How would you describe your current path? What are its goals/aims? Does your path have any inherent benefits or flaws you feel should be noted? How do these gains/losses affect you? How does its current direction compare with where you've been? What labels do you self-identify with and why? Do you have a particular self/magical name? What does it mean? Is it public or private?

5. Ethics: How do you determine "rightness" and "wrongness" in any given situation? Do you have a personal code of conduct/ethics you live by? What repercussions exist for perceived misconduct? What actions/behaviors are desirable for self-improvement? which are self-defeating? Any hard and fast “rules” you feel should never be broken? How did you determine these? Are they rigid or flexible? Under what circumstances? In what ways are you limited by this code? In what ways does it allow for freedom of expression? How do the moral/ethical codes of others affect you?

6. Other Personal Beliefs: Do you have any personal beliefs concerning life beyond this one? the nature of the spirit/soul? What is your basic view on the nature of humanity? (flawed, evolving, it's fine, etc.)

7. Traditions/Practices: What traditions do you hold? What purpose do they have for you? Do you have some traditions/practices that are no longer useful for you? What traditions/practices do you have that are new or you’d like to see continue? What are some issues you’ve had with past traditions? How did/can you deal with them?

8. Interactions: How do you deal with people who disagree with you? inaccuracies/misinformation? conflict/hostility? How do different groups of people respond to you? What are some situations that can be identified as emotional triggers? How do the behaviors/habits of other people affect you? Do you consider yourself liberal, moderate or conservative when assessing or accepting new ideas?

9. General Personality Questions: Do you feel insignificant or limited by your life situation in any way? How do your fears or those of others affect you? What would make you most happy right now? What are your views on responsibility and discipline and how do you relate them to your life? How does the past, and past hurts, figure into the present? Are you happiest when you are solitary, in a limited group, or surrounded by people and why? What is your place within the social order and how do you think you got there? How highly do you value the opinions of others?

If you feel inspired you may wish to answer them for yourself, and if you feel like sharing do so in the comment box or please leave a comment with a link to where you post it.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanks Giving All!

This is a time of being Thankful a holiday that everyone can celebrate together no matter religion or path we all have things we are thankful for and with an open mind and a little toleration we can all be thankful together. Respect that which each of us has faith in and enjoy the food.

Have a Happy and peaceful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This is to verify

Perkins would make a decent Thanksgiving dinner

It would be the traditional turkey dinner,stuffing potatoes cranberry sauce, and pumpkinpie

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Magic is a part of paganism that several sects actually aproach magic in several ways. However I have not seen anyone attempt to approach it in a manner that is not a literal interpretation.
If magic is performed and looked at as a perspective. If taken literally magic would be the fantasy and fairy tale versio of wizards and witches that can instantly transform things from one thing to another. It doesn't take long to realize that it is not in this reality to expect that magic would work that way. That is not to say that magic doesn't exist as that would be turning our back on the truth.
The reality of magic is to use energies to influence ones life and things within it and connecting with it. Magic can change things affect them and even alter the true nature of things. Through spells, rituals rites and ceromonies energies can be used to change alter or otherwise change the nature of things. It is not an imediate change nor is it totally unexplainable.
Alot of what is explained vaguely if at all by science is generally an act of magic in a way. There are many things that have happened in the world that is unexplainable with logic however it makes more sense as an act of magic more so than adevine intervention, miricle or any other name that it is called by.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


To some it is a day of fum costumes and party fun

To others it is a day of scarey creatures and things that go bump in the night,

yet others it is a day of fearing the spirits return to the world,

even other fear those who would haunt them on this night

and I reveal in celebration of those who have past, those who speak with me

and those who try to scare me

Halloween is many thing

and what ever it is to you

I'll take this time to wish you

Happy "Halloween or Happy All Hallows Eve!